Photographs of Ella J. Cox, second wife of James Perry Pierce and photographs from Ft. Smith, Arkasas


034 Ella J. Cox c. 1880

This is a cabinet photo from the Columbia Art Co., Anniston, Alabama.  It is the only photo in the collection to be from Alabama.  The features line up quite well with photo 117, below, which is taken from the same direction.
















111 Ella J. Cox c. 1885

This is a portion of a photo that was mounted on a diamond-shaped card.



















117 Ella J. (Cox) Langley, c.1895

This is one of a number of photos in the collection that have photography from Ft. Smith, Arkansas.  Apparently, after their marriage in Hopkins Co., KY in 1883, the Langley's relocated to Ft. Smith.  By the late 1890's, John Langley had died, and Ella and Berna came back to western Kentucky, where Ella married James Perry Pierce in about 1898.
















121 Possibly a sister of Ella J. Cox c.1895

This is another Ft. Smith photograph, and the woman in it reminds me of Ella in the photo above, 117.












124 Possibly John F. Langley, c.1895

This is the only portrait of a man that is the same general style as the portraits of Ella and Berna from Fr. Smith Arkansas, so I have to believe that it is John Langley.














122 Unknown from Fr. Smith, Arkansas, c.1895

This is another portrait from Ft. Smith.  It is included here in case someone can identify her.






















135 Ft. Smith, Arkansas Family, 1906

The photo is dated 1906.  The woman appears to be the same one above in photo 122.














136 A boy from the family above, 1911

This photo is by the same photographer as photo 135, above, so it is probably of a third child, born approximately 1907.













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