Photographs of Cora A. Pierce and her husband George M. Crider


Album 3, Part 1, Img0005 Cora A. Pierce c.1888

This is one of the cabinet card photos of the entire James Perry Pierce family taken in Evansville, IN, although in this instance, a copy from one of the albums of Margaret (Bond) Pierce was used, because the cabinet card from Florence Pierce's collection had a large red ink stain near the head.  She appears to be 18-19, the basis of the 1888 date estimate.  Cora and Ambie at this age are difficult to tell apart at a young age (Ambie never made it to adulthood), but there is a part of their ear which is different. 

















017 Cora A. Pierce c. 1890



















Album 3, Part 1, Img0021 Cora A. Pierce c.1895

Another photo from one of the albums.  This might be a photo taken around the time of her wedding to George M. Crider..



















019 Cora A. Pierce and George M. Crider c. 1895

This photo was copy of a print in an oval frame.  Another copy is present and identified in Margaret Pierce's album 3.  The original may have been a wedding photo.










016 Nell Walker (L) and Cora A. Pierce (R) c. 1910

Nell Walker was the daughter of  Robert Newton Walker and Sarah J. Clement.  Robert Walker was sheriff of Crittenden Co. ~1868-1872, whereas James Perry Pierce was deputy sheriff 1874-1878, and sheriff 1878-1882.  Nell Walker, Florence and Cora Pierce were all about the same age, and perhaps were school-mates.












018 Nell Walker and Cora A. Pierce Crider c.1910

This photo has the imprint of Cook, Ft. Smith, Arkansas.  One of the Walker sisters may have moved there after marriage.












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