Photographs of Florence E. Pierce and her husband William Bennett Yandell


054 Probably Florence E. Pierce c. 1865

She has to stand on a box to put her hand on the chair, this three year old is probably Florence E. Pierce, although identification of children from their adult photos is iffy at best.  The photo is a carte de visite size.




















008 Florence E. Pierce c. 1882

This photograph has a stamp of Douglass Evansville, IN as photographer.  Douglass is documented in newspapers of the era as having set up photographic sessions in Marion, KY hotels, so the Indiana photographer doesn't necessarily mean that the family traveled to Indiana to be photographed.


















092 Possibly Florence E. Pierce c. 1885

The facial features are in the right places and the facial shape is right, but the hair is perhaps too straight.  This is a cabinet card from a Louisville photographer.



















250 Florence E. Pierce, c.1885

This is another cabinet card from a Louisville photographer.






















225 Florence E. (Pierce) Yandell, c.1885




























224 Florence E. (Pierce) Yandell, c.1890

marked on back: "Florence Yandell Marion Kentucky Wife of Mr. Will Barton Yandell"
























137 Florence E. (Pierce) Yandell, c.1895



















025 Florence E. Pierce c. 1905

Florence married William Bennett Yandell in 1885.  Probably, her father became acquainted with William's father, John Augustus Yandell.  John A. Yandell had been sheriff  of Crittenden Co., KY in the 1858, a state representative and constable.  James Perry Pierce had become magistrate, then sheriff, then judge for the county, so they probably knew each other well.  At some point, William B. Yandell and Florence lived next door (or very near) James Perry Pierce and Mary.  James and William were partners in land dealings (The Pierce-Yandell Co.).  A copy of this photo was identified as Florence in Margaret (Bond) Pierce's Album 3, Part 1, Img0019.










212 William Bennett Yandell c. 1885

Definitely the same person as 009 below, and most probably the same person as in those photos identified as W.B. Yandell.  Florence (probably Florence) wrote on the back: "Strawberry blonde hair of somewhat scarlet hue.  Eyes of Heavenís own blue.  5 ft. 10 in.  Weight 160 lbs. Age 22 years.  McMinnville, Tenn. S.F.E. (?) 1885".  The only problem with this is that W.B. Yandell was not 22 in 1885. He was born in 1857.   "McMinnville, Tenn. S.F.E." is unknown.





















009 William Bennett Yandell c. 1885

Probably taken about the time of their marriage in 1885.  It is an albumen print cabinet card having a Chicago photographer.  William was the son of John Augustus Yandell and his first wife, Margaret E. Crouch.  He had one sister, Francis Mary, and a brother, Thomas Jefferson, from this union.  John Yandell married Sarah B. Bishop in 1864 and had six more children, Presley F., Hattie, Margaret, Jennie F., John, and James Milton.















010 William Bennett Yandell c. 1890

Here is the prosperous gentleman just a few years later.  This cabinet card is unmarked.

Florence and William did not have children.

















011 William Bennett Yandell 1904

An oval photo which matches the mount of Florence's c.1905 photo above, this gelatin print is dated 1904.  Photos of this era are present and identified in Margaret (Bond) Pierce's scrapbooks.  Comparison of these photos allowed those above to be identified as William Bennett Yandell.















126 Family of Solomon Gwaltney and Fannie (Yandell) Gwaltney (sister of William B. Yandell), Charleston, MO Family (More)



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