Photographs of Unknown but Commonly Appearing Girl



This is one of a number of identically sized and mounted miniature photos c.1895.  She has her right eyebrow slightly higher arched than her left, a characteristic also seen in 108 below, as well as in 074, taken with the some of the Jacob Ayhart Pierce family.


















Note that her brother has rather dark skin.  This photo has the enigmatic inscription on its back: "Han D Bro".



















This is another unmarked cabinet card from the same general time, but the hair is different than above, and so is the card stock. The eyebrows have been drawn in, presumably by the photographer.

















This is a postcard sized photo not mounted on a card.  Now a woman in her early 20's, she may be posing with her husband.  It appears that her eyebrows are bushier than the photos above, but this is another alteration by the photographer, which actually is a darkening below where her eyebrows ought to be.











110  c.1905

Another photo in an oval mount taken about the same time as 109.  Once again the photographer has darkened the area below her actual eyebrows.



















These may all be the same woman.


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