Photographs of Jacob Ahart Pierce and his wife Elvira Oliver and their family


047 Four Generations,  c.1900 (Warning: Filename and Caption corrected 15 Mar 2015)

Thanks to information from Michael Pierce, these gentlemen can be firmly identified.  On the far right is Stanton Pierce.  His son, Jacob Ayhart Pierce is on the left.  His grandson, Willis Champion Pierce, is in the middle, holding his great-grandson, Willis Conway Pierce.



074 Jacob Ahart Pierce, partial family, c.1894 (Warning: Filename and Caption corrected 15 Mar 2015)

Standing in back, right to left: Willis Champion Pierce (1864-1941), his wife (married 1893), Jennie Peay (1869-1946), Jacob Marion Pierce (1878-1968).  Seated, right to left: Jacob Ahart Pierce (1842-1930), his wife Elvira (Oliver) Pierce (1845-1929), and his mother, Mary (Bettis) Pierce (1825-1902).  James Boyce Pierce (1881-1954) is on the grass. 



Jacob Ahart Pierce & Elvira Oliver extended family, c.1904, from a book written by Jennie Dorothy (Pierce) Chlore (1897-1991), daughter of Willis Champion Pierce.  I added the identifying text.




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