George L. Boyd (Sep 1854 - Bet. 1925-30) and Hester A. Rampton

 (Dec 1866 - Aft. 1930)

George L. Boyd was born in Sep 1854 in New York, possibly Ward 14, New York City (see above).  He died Bet.1925-1930 in Benton County, Iowa, USA.  He was the son of William Boyd and Sarah Stringer.  No photographs of George have been identified.

Hester "Hettie" A. Rampton was born Dec 1866 in Monroe Township, Benton County, Iowa, USA.  She died after 1930, probably in Benton County, Iowa, USA.  Oddly, neither she nor her husband appear to have been buried in Rampton Cemetery, where many of her Rampton and Boyd kin lie.  Her father was Anthony A. Rampton, b. 19 Feb 1824 in Basingstoke, Hampshire, England, d. 06 Jul 1917 in Monroe Township, Benton County, Iowa, USA.  He emigrated to the USA in 1846 (along with his father and mother, Anthony and Mary, and brother. Edmund), living in Detroit until 1856, when they came to Monroe Township, Benton County.  Her mother was Phebe E. Van Winkle, daughter of Isaac J. Van Winkle and Anna Dow Brower.

George and Hettie married about 1882 probably in Benton County, Iowa.  They had 9 children, 7 of whom lived past childhood:
      William A. Boyd (b. Nov 1887)
      John A. "Jack" Boyd (b. 01 Jan 1890)
      Violet E. "Viola" Boyd (b. Apr 1892)
      Robert J. Boyd (b. Jul 1894)
      Mary Lucena Boyd (b. Oct 1896)
      Fulton A. Boyd (b. 1899)
+    Marguerite Boyd (b. 25 Jan 1901)

Notes for George and Hettie Boyd:

Benton County land deeds show Anthony Rampton selling the original homestead quarter section to his daughter and son-in-law (Hetty & George Boyd) in 1882.From Clare Rampton (Oct 2000)

1895 Iowa census: Geo. L. Boyd 40 NY all Church of Christ; Hattie 30 rest born in Benton Co.; William 7; John 5; Viola 3; Robert 0.

1900 census, Monroe, Benton, Iowa: Boyd, George L. head Sep 1854 45 M 18y NY IRE IRE farmer; Hettie wife Dec 1866 33 M 18y IA ENG NJ; Willie A. son Nov 1887 12 all ch IA; John A. son Jan 1890 10; Viola E. dau Apr 1892 8; Robert son Jul 1894 5; Mary L. dau Oct 1896 3; Fulton son June 1900 11/12 [maybe this should be 1/12]; Fieldcroft, Lizzie servant Aug 1879 20 GER GER GER house servant.

1910 census, Monroe Twp, Benton Co., IA: #7, Boyd, George L. 56 married 27 IA Ire Ire; Hettie A. 46 9 ch 7 living; IA End NJ; John A. 20 IA (all IA); Viola E. 17; Robert J. 16; Mary A. 13; Fulton A. 11; Margaret M. 9.

1920 census, Monroe, Benton, Iowa: Boyd, George L. head 65 M NY IRE IRE farmer; Hetta A. wife 55 IA ENG NJ; Fulton A. son 20 S IA; Margueritt dau 19 M IA; Lucena M. dau 23 S IA; Silverman, Viola E. dau 27 M IA.

1925 Iowa census, Benton Co.: Boyd, Geo. L. 70 NY father= Wm Boyd Ireland mother= Stringer, Sehan Ireland parents married in NY; Hettie A. 60 IA father = Rampton, Anthony England mother= Vanwinkle, Phoebe New Jersey married in IA.


Photographic Grouping, c. 1910, Paullina, Iowa: From a cache of photographs from Mary and Lyle Vaubel.  'Marguerite Boyd (Milne) with braids & ribbon' is the only inscription that Mary Vaubel made on this photo.  From the apparent age of Marguerite (about 9), the photo is c. 1910.  It is certainly before 1917, when Anthony Rampton died (the seated gentleman; see below for identification).

Reconstructing who is in it other than Marguerite takes a little detective work. The photographer is Strave, Paullina, Ia. Paullina is in O'Brien Co, far removed from Tama Co. But, in the 1910 census, Marguerite Boyd's aunt Phoebe (Rampton) Hamilton lived there, along with Anthony Rampton, Phoebe's father and  Marguerite's grandfather. The woman to the right of Marguerite is her mother (which identification can be confirmed by a marked photograph below), and the two boys must be her youngest brothers, since they still look young, and Robert can be recognized from a set of miniature photos of about the same period. It is assumed that Phoebe Hamilton is in the photo - she would be to the left of Marguerite and the age of the woman is consistent with Phoebe.  The seated man is the correct age for Anthony Rampton.  Some Boyds must have visited the Hamilton family and then posed for the photograph.  As such, it is probably a grouping of all those present who were descended from Anthony Rampton.  I have been present at many such "descendents of" photo sessions, a tradition that continues today.

Therefore: back row L-R: Phoebe (Rampton) Hamilton, Marguerite Boyd, Hettie (Rampton) Boyd; front row L-R: Fulton Boyd, Anthony Rampton, Robert Boyd.

Series of Miniature Photographs, c. 1902: All the mounts are identical size and ornamentation (there is some variation in backround color) black mounts having gold trim.
  Hettie Boyd.  This one is marked 'Hettie Boyd', and so is the mother.  William A. appears to have not had his photograph taken at this time.  She would have been 36 years in 1902.
  John Boyd. The left photo is marked 'John Boyd, Dysart'; the right photo is marked 'John Boyd'.  The mounts are the same as the Hettie Boyd above, and except for the addition of the hat, he is wearing the same clothes and is the same age; therefore these appear to have been taken at the same event.  He would have been 12 years in 1902.
  Violet Boyd.  Three photographs having the same mounts as those of Hettie and John, above.  None of them is marked as to identification.  However, from the age of John, which sets the date of the photos at ~1902, Violet would be about 10 years at the time, consistent with the girl above (the next daughter would have only been 6 years in 1902).  The baby in the third photo would be Marguerite, b. 1901.
  Violet E. Boyd.  Despite have the same mount as the above photos, this image appears to be of the same girl as above (Violet), but not a 10 year-old Violet.  She appears to be 15-18, which would be c.1917-1920.  Could possibly have been a high school graduation photograph.
  Robert J. Boyd.  Both of these photographs are maked 'Bob Boyd' on the back.  He was 8 years in 1902.
  Mary Lucena Boyd (left); Fulton A. Boyd and Mary Lucena (right).  The left photo is unmarked, but is the same girl as in the right photo, which is marked 'Fulton and Lucina Boyd, Dysart'. Lucena would have been 6 years and Fulton 3 years in 1902.

Other Photographs:

  William A. Boyd.  Marked on the back 'Bill Boyd'.  This is probably a high school graduation photo, c. 1905.

  John A. Boyd.  At left, an unmarked photo, but this young man has the same lips and ears as the boy identified as John above.  At right, an unmarked photograph of three girls, c.1925, from the Sandford Art Studio, Dysart.  The Boyd family used Sandford (e.g., the wedding photo of Violet, below, of the same era).  Of the families represented in the cache of photographs from Benton County, the only one to contain three daughters and no sons c. 1925 is the family of John Boyd and Mabel Longaker.  They married about 1916 and had: Helen M. (abt. 1916), Maxine A. (abt. 1918), and Dorthea M. (abt. 1921)

  Violet E. Boyd.  The photograph at left is unmarked, but can be recognized as the same girl/woman identified above as Violet.  The photograph at the right is also unmarked.  The man is not one of her brothers, so this is to a great probability a wedding photograph.  She married Albert Silverman sometime between 1915 and 1920.

  Mary Lucena Boyd.  The photograph is unmarked, but appears to be the same girl identified as Mary Lucena above.

  Fulton A. Boyd.  Both photographs are unmarked.  These photos are clearly of the same person at different ages, and, while the identification is anything but definite, it appears to be Fulton due to similarity to the boy identified as Fulton in the group photo at the top of this page. 

More photographs of Marguerite can be found with her husband, John Frederick Milne.

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