William W. Milne (1866 - ?) and Jane M. Wallace (1869 - ?)

William W. Milne was born in Feb 1866 in Chicago, Cook County, Illinois, USA.  He was the son of Andrew Milne and Jane Stringer.

Jane "Jennie" M. Wallace was born Aug 1869 in Wisconsin, USA.  She was the daughter of Joseph Wallace and Anna Cook.

They married about 1901 in Iowa, USA and had three children:

    Gail B. Milne (abt. 1902 - ?)
    Joseph Milne (11 Jun 1903, Minesota, USA - 7 Mar 1975 La Porte City, Black Hawk County, Iowa, USA)
    Marjorie Milne (abt. 1905, Iowa, USA - ?)

Notes for William W. Milne:

DOB: Newspaper Article, Dysart, IA paper

1900 census, Clinton, Franklin, Iowa: Milne, William boarder Feb 1866 34 S IL SCOT IRE lumber retail dealer; living in boarding house on 1st St., Sheffield.

1910 census, Big Creek, Black Hawk, IA: Milne, William W. head 44 M1 9y IL SCOT IRE dealer grain; Jennie wife 40 M1 9y 3ch 3liv WI ENG ENG; Gail B. dau 8 IA; Joseph D. son 6 MN; Majorie M. dau 5 IA. [LaPorte City is in Big Creek; Dean Vaubel lived in LaPorte City in the 1950's]

1920 census, Big Creek, Black Hawk, Iowa: Milne, William W. head 53 M IL SCOT IRE Elevator Mgr farmers --; Jennie M. wife 50 WI ENG ENG; Gail B. dau 18 S IA; Joseph D. son 16 S MN; Marjorie dau 14 S IA.

1925 IA census, Black Hawk Co.: Milne, Will W. 59 M IA Andrew Milne Scot Jane Stringer IRE M IL; Jane wife 55 M WI Joseph Wallis ENG Anna Cook ENG M WI; Gale dau 23 S all ch IA; Joe D. son 21 S; Margie dau 20 S.

1930 census, Big Creek, Black Hawk, IA: Milne, William head 64 M when 34 IL SCOT N IRE manager Grain Elevator; Jennie wife 60 M when 30 WI ENG ENG; Kettlesen, John son-in-law 25 M when 25 IA US US salesman school supplies; Kettleson, Marjorie dau 25 M when 25 IA IL WI stenographer oil.

1938 atlas of Benton Co., IA, landowners: BRUCE 86N 12W 34 W.W. Milne 160; BRUCE 86N 12W 34 A.F. Boyd Est. 80

Notes for Jane M. Wallace:

1900 census, Clinton, Franklin, Iowa: Wallace, Alfred C. [all the members of this family are indexed with a last name of Alfred, e.g., this person is indexed as Alfred, Wallace C., due to an error by the census taker] Dec 1861 38 S WI ENG ENG hardware merchant; Hattie A. sister Mar 1862 37 S WI ENG ENG no occ; Rebecka F. sister Jan 1865 WI ENG ENG clerk grocery; Jennie M. sister Aug 1869 30 S WI ENG ENG no occ; Parker, William D. boarder Apr 1853 47 S WI IRE IRE hardware dealer.


"Joe, Marjorie and Gail Milne, Children of Will and Jennie Milne, La Porte", inscription by Mary Vaubel.

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