Jennie Reah Vaubel (1889 - 1903)

Jennie Reah Vaubel was born 04 Jul 1889 in Monroe Twp., Benton County, Iowa, USA.  Her middle name was pronounced like "Ray".  She was the daughter of Charles Fredrich Vaubel and Isabella Sophia Milne.  She died 20 Oct 1903 on the family farm in Monroe Twp., Benton County, Iowa, USA, a victim of a tragic accident.

Charles was in Chicago with a carload of cattle and the hired men had just unloaded hogs from a wagon drawn by a team of mules. The children, Jennie Reah (July 4, 1889) and Oliver Charles (Feb. 21, 1891) were nearby, and Earl Fredrich (May 10, 1895) was sitting on the high seat of the wagon. When the lines fell to the ground, Jennie Reah stepped over the trace to retrieve them. The startled mules bolted and ran. She was dragged several rods, thrown against a stump and the wagon wheels passed over her body. Dr. C.F. Aschenbrenner (from Dysart) was summoned, but she died early the next morning. After services by Rev. A.H. Hirsch in the M.E. Church, burial was in Rampton Cemetery in Monroe Township, Benton County. (Dr. Aschenbrenner was a distant in-law kin of Jennie, his grandfather having come from Reichensachsen, Germany, as did Jennie's father.)



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