American Optical Co. (Scovill Mfg. Co., proprietors) (New York City, NY)

Wooden Case - c. 1883

Appears to fit several 4x5" Ne Plus Ultra sized plate holders


Notes:  Early features: box joints instead of spline joints (usual for Scovill); two-piece clasp, requiring inletting into the wood, has a spring-loaded retention piece - once closed, it will not open, like the later, one-piece clasp. Has stamp on the top that reads: "Scovill Manufacturing Co. New York". This is the same stamp as on the Ne Plus Ultra LP962.

Outside dimensions: 8"Lx4"Wx7⅞"H. Inside dimensions: 7⅜"Lx3⅝"W (narrowed to 3" by a post-production extra wood slat at the top) x6"H (bottom height; there is some more headroom in the top).  The box was empty when found; its dimension of 3⅝" is too narrow for even the narrowest of American Optical/Scovill cameras, so it is assumed to have been for plate holders.


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