The Gundlach/Manhattan Companies

Field View Cameras


Manhattan Optical Co. Catalog, 1900, back cover

Gundlach Optical Co. (c.1885-1902)
Milburn Korona Co. (1894-acquired by Gundlach in 1896)
Manhattan Optical Co., Cresskill, NY (?-1902)
Gundlach-Manhattan Optical Co., Rochester, NY (1902 - c.1926)
Gundlach Manufacturing Corp. (c.1926)
Seebold Invisible Camera Co. (1928-?
bought Gundlach Mfg. Corp.)

The Gundlach Optical Co. made lenses only until they acquired the Milburn Korona Co. (which had a line of view cameras) in 1896. Gundlach continued to manufacture lenses (such as the Turner-Reich Convertible Anastigmat) and cameras. They merged with the Manhattan Optical Co. which brought in a line of mainly leather-covered red bellows cameras. The company was re-named by John E. Seebold in 1928.

Scans of number of catalogs can be found here.  Scans of Gundlach and Manhattan catalogs are here.


tngundlachcriterion5x7b354.jpg (9244 bytes)tngundlachcriterion5x7b354.jpg (9244 bytes)
Criterion View (c. 1909-1925+)
tnkorbancat.jpg (6562 bytes) Korona Banquet Camera (c. 1914-1930's)
tngundcomcat.jpg (3619 bytes) Korona Compact View (1900-c. 1903)
tngundlachhomeportrait5x7c309.jpg (18587 bytes)tngundlachhomeportrait5x7c309.jpg (18587 bytes) Korona Home Portrait Camera (c. 1915-1930's)
Korona Panoramic View Camera (c. 1914-1930's)
tngundpict3x4281a.jpg (8891 bytes)tngundpict3x4281a.jpg (8891 bytes) Korona Pictorial View (c. 1920's-1930's)
Korona View Camera Variation 1 (c. 1900-1903)
tnkorviewcat.jpg (5195 bytes) Korona View Camera Variation 2 (c. 1909-1930's)
Korona Wide Angle Camera (c. 1925-1931)
tnmantricat.jpg (4021 bytes) Manhattan Tripod Camera (c. 1896)
Wizard View Variation 1 (c. 1899-1900)
Wizard View Variation 2 (c. 1899-1900)
Wizard View Variation 3 (c. 1903-1909)
Wizard View Variation 4 (c. 1909)