J.H. Walsl (Baltimore, MD)

Excelsior Single View Lens Type E - c. 1870's-early 1880's


The Photographer's Friend, 7th edition, p.37, 1882, Richard Walsl, pub., Baltimore


Walsl 20" F.L. Excelsior Single View Lens No. 7E (on American Optical Co. View Camera Box, Number 1 (Best) (Model No.'s 1-7)


     J.H. Walsl advertised in the Photographic Times (a Scovill publication) during the 1870's and early 1880's.  As an importer or manufacturer of lenses, business apparently waned in the presence of both Scovill and Anthony having deals for lenses bearing their names.

     Walsl published numerous editions of a 128-page softcover book, "The Photographer's Friend", which provided instructions for making a living through photography. 

The Photographer's Friend, 7th edition, 1882, Richard Walsl, pub., Baltimore, p.37

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