Folmer & Schwing Mfg. Co. (New York, NY)

Rollerblind Shutter - 1905-1907

Notes:  Rollerblind shutters for glass plate cameras, like this one, were designed to fit between the camera body and a clip-off camera back.  The larger two frames (one black and one natural in the photo) were necessarily made to fit each design/size of back.  The middle part, slightly smaller, held the working mechanism.  This shutter fits the 6x8" Century/Folmer & Schwing cameras made at the time, or any camera connected with the Eastman Kodak Co. made after about 1910.  This shutter was made before Folmer & Schwing was bought by E.K.C., so predates 1907.

Graflex and Graphic Cameras, Folmer & Schwing Department, Eastman Kodak Co. (Rochester, NY), 1913, pp. 46-47

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