American Optical Co., Scovill Mfg. Co., props.

Double Stereo Box


Model No. 53
Descriptive Catalogue and Price List of the Photographic Apparatus Manufactured by the American Optical Co., Scovill Mfg. Co., proprietors and managers (New York, NY), Sept. 1884, p.52


Manufacturer: American Optical Co. New York, NY factory
Date Introduced:
- ; Years Manufactured: c.1878
Construction: rear focus; double swing; non-reversing; three-piece lens board
Sizes Offered: 8x10 only
Notes: This is described as the American Optical Co. View Camera Boxes #53 View, but with a double stereo configuration (four lenses on the front, a back that exposes the top two separately from the bottom two) instead of a single lens.

American Optical Catalog, 1878, p. 18


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