Blair Tourograph & Dry Plate Co.

Triumph Camera

Date Introduced: - ; Years Manufactured: c.1883-1884
Construction: rear focus; single swing; reversing by two tripod mounts; three piece lens board
Materials: mahogany body, cherry bed, nickel plated hardware, black fabric bellows
Sizes Offered: 5x8 only

According to one reference: "not adapted for the patent extension; same style and finish as the Combination Camera." 

The Blair Tourograph & Dry Plate Co. Catalog, 1884, p. 8-9 states: "The 5x8-A is the camera well known as our 'Triumph'.  It is smaller in outside dimension than our 5x8-B (regular), and was not originally designed to be used as a combination; but we have now fitted it for a 6x8 Patent Extension, and have therefore lettered both styles as above ".

The A model had a 13" focus capacity; there was a B model having a 14" focus capacity, which must have been the one that was originally adapted for the patent extension.

The engraving above is probably of the "B" type.  The "A" type would be essentially the same, except that the frame around the ground glass would have been ~" instead of ~1", and the remainder of the box would be correspondingly smaller to fit, and the rear extension would be shorter to remain even with the top of the camera when folded.

Photographic Times 13, March, 1883, p. V
Photographic Apparatus Manufactured by the Blair Tourograph & Dry Plate Co., 1884, p. 8.

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