Anthony's Photographic Bulletin, Vol. 15, No. 11, E. & H.T. Anthony & Co. (New York, NY), dated November 1884, ~6"x9", pages 505-556 & 48 pages of ads

One number of the monthly Bulletin.  It comprises pages 505-556 of the journal.  In front are 17 pages of ads, then a tipped-in Sarony photograph (not his best work) followed by the remainder of the ads.  Strangely enough, there are not ad pages numbered 45 and 46; one would think that they are simply missing, given the condition of this artifact, but ad page 47 is securely glued (apparently originally) to ad page 44 and furthermore, the pages were printed as double-size (see ads pages 26-27 for a full-sized sheet), and ads pages 45 and 46 would have had to have been a half-size page and glued.  It may be that the page was missed during the binding, or that the ads were mis-numbered.

There is a good three-page (pages 35-37) description of the Novel Camera, which may be introductory or close to introductory.  It refers to the revolving bellows as a new feature on a previous variation of the Novel, for which reversing the format would involve pushing the rear standard to disengage the screws from their slots, then pulling the front standard (which must have been a square shape) completely off its metal posts, then re-installing the front and back in the desired format.  This variation has not yet been seen in advertisements or in the flesh.

The Suter lens ad (page 32) is upside-down, as usual, making one wonder if Switzerland is topsy-turvy.

Even though much of the text is uninteresting, this periodical is scanned in its entirety since items from this time period are scarce.