The Photographic Times and American Photographer, Vol. XIV, No. 158, New Series No. 38, February 1884, Scovill Mfg. Co. (New York, NY), dated February 1884, ~6"x9", pages 55-108 & 48pp ads

At the beginning of 1884, The Photographic Times was monthly; for example, this issue No. 158, February 1884 covering pages 55-108 (January presumably covering pages 1-54).  But by the end of the year, the December 26, 1884 issue No. 171, was being published weekly.  The contents appear to be minutes of various photographic society meetings, but the ads comprise almost as many pages as the contents.  It is the ads that are scanned here.

Of particular interest to photo historians is the tipped-in albumin photograph of Charles H. Codman that precedes the contents.  The photo has been restored in photoshop, by reducing the effect of extra hair and beard penciled in by some early twentieth century wag, and as by increasing the contrast which had faded over time.  Codman ran a photographic supply house, C. H. Codman & Co. in Boston, MA (see his  1883 Scovill products catalog).  On 17 Sep 1883, a large container of nitric acid was broken in the store, causing a fire.  Mr. Codman died the next day from the effects of inhaling the fumes.


pages 56-105 not scanned