The International Annual of Anthony's Photographic Bulletin, Vol. III 1890-91, W. J. Harrison and A. H. Elliot, eds., E. & H. T. Anthony & Co. (New York, NY), copyright 1890, ~5"x7", 489pp & 156pp ads

Like their competitor, The Scovill & Adams Co., Anthony published a monthly periodical, and also published a yearly compilation of articles from the years periodicals.  Later, Anthony dropped most of their ads from the annual, but, as of 1890, the annual still contained 156 pages of ads.  The ads for 1890 seem to be slanted more towards English companies rather than American.  Another interesting feature is the fictitious camera pictured on the front cover.  It appears to be an English Compact type of base (forward moving nested extensions) combined with a Novel/Novelette/Fairy type of bellows and front standard.  It would be a camera that would make sense, yet Anthony never manufactured one like it.    

pages 2-489 not scanned

pages 69 and 70 (one leaf) not present (and appear to have bound that way)