Illustrated Catalogue of Photographic Apparatus, Rochester Optical Co. (Rochester, NY), dated June 1890, ~5"x9", 36pp

This catalog, naturally is very similar to the ROC May 1891 catalog- they share identical covers.  However, the 1891 version is four pages longer, has a number of scattered price increases, and has a few differences in camera models offered, namely:

- The June 1890 catalog contains The American Camera, whereas the May 1891 catalog does not.  ROC apparently gave up on self-casing models such as this, there being no such types in the 1891 catalog - this despite the imminent rise of leather-covered self-casing cameras which would begin about 1895, and, by the 1900's, eventually eclipse the all-wood view cameras made for amateurs in the 1890's.
- The May 1891 contains the Rochester Magazine Camera, a 4x5 box camera similar in size to the popular Blair Hawkeye Camera, but having a compact magazine carrying twelve film or plate holders at a time.  It would have been a breakthrough in design, allowing more photos to be taken per loading, had not Kodak's roll film cameras been offered at the same time.

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