The American Annual of Photography and Photographic Times Almanac for 1890, Second Edition, C. W. Canfield, ed., The Scovill & Adams Co. (New York, NY), copyright 1889, ~6"x9", 17pp ads front; 338pp; 116pp ads back

This scan was made from two volumes of the 1890 almanac.  LP247 is a softbound edition from which the covers and endpapers have been scanned, while LP266, a dis-bound copy, provided the remainder of the scans (since it was already separating).  That it is second edition probably means it was printed twice, with some changes (possible only to the ads); it does not mean that it is the second year it is published, since there are ads for the 1887 and 1888 annuals inside.

book contents pages 001-337 not scanned




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