Illustrated Catalogue No. IIII of Professional and Amateur Photographer's Supplies, Wm. F. Uhlman (St. Joseph, MO), undated c.1901, ~6"x10", 208pp

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     This catalog is undated.  Fortunately, it features the series of books called The Photo-Miniature, which was published monthly from 1899 through November 1904, after which it was semi-monthly and later irregularly published.  The latest Photo-Miniature in this catalog is No. 31, which is dated October 1901.  This Uhlman catalog is therefore published no sooner than October 1901, and the date of the catalog may be assumed to be about November 1901.

     1901 seems to be an era of large catalogs.  This 208 page example does not even come close to some, the largest of which on this web site is the 1901 gigantic 400 page Photographic Encyclopedia printed by Andrew J. Lloyd & Co. (Boston, MA), which, despite its name, is really a catalog.

     Like other large catalogs, cameras from more than one manufacturer are represented, in this case, Gundlach-Manhattan, Rochester Optical & Camera Co. (itself having cameras from the former companies Monroe & Gennert, Ray Camera Co., Rochester Camera & Supply Co. Rochester Optical Co. and Western Camera Co.), Century Camera Co., Eastman Kodak Co. and the Multiscope & Film Co.

     The bottom of this catalog must have been tasty; it has been eaten, probably by mice.

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