Premo Cameras, Rochester Optical Co. succeeded by Rochester Optical & Camera Co., (Rochester, NY), 1902, ~6"x9", 80pp

After one year of a combined Premo-Poco catalog (1901), Rochester Optical & Camera reverted to separate catalogs.  Interestingly, many of the accessories in this catalog, called Premo-this or Premo-that, also occur in the Poco catalog as Poco-this and Poco-that.  The Carlton and Universal English-style view cameras are still offered, but the Empire State has undergone a great change from Variation 2 to Variation 3, and now looks very much (except for its longer rear extension) like the Rochester View Variation 2 that is still offered by this same company but in the Poco Cameras 1902 catalog (Rochester Camera & Supply Co. succeeded by Rochester Optical & Camera).