Cameras & Photographic Supplies, Sears, Roebuck & Co. (Chicago, IL), dated 1909, ~8"x10", 72pp

The title page of this catalog has, in small print the cryptic notation: "159R - 1st Edition".  Another catalog, appearing identical to this one has in a similar place: "159N - 1st Edition".  The same page on both examples has a large header that reads: "Conley Cameras for 1909".  Obviously, the letter doesn't indicate a year of printing.  Folded into the 159N catalog was a letter that refers to an enclosure as their "new, Spring edition".  So far, there is not enough data to decrypt the meaning.  The orange cover is the winner so far in the "Ugliest Cover" category.  This catalog was printed separately from the main, very large Sears catalog; its pages are numbered from 1-72.  Later, Sears would merely re-bind the appropriate pages of the already printed main catalog.  The Cameras here are branded Conley (the manufacturer in Rochester, MN), rather than Seroco (the first two letters of words in the company name), as they were earlier.

pages 44-49 not scanned

pages 54-71 not scanned