Catalogue of Eastman Professional Photographic Apparatus and Material, Eastman Kodak Co. (Rochester, NY), undated c. 1911,  ~6"x9", 176pp

This is a large catalog containing rather complete and extensive descriptions.  It is undated but 1) contains the Premo View, which was discontinued in 1912, and 2) the combination of Empire State (no number, Variation 3) with Empire State No. 2 as in the  Premo Cameras catalogs of 1910-1913.  So this catalog could be anywhere from 1909 (for which I don't have a Premo Cameras catalog) to 1912; therefore it will be referred to as c. 1911.  It was bound with a red cord woven through the three punched holes visible in the scan of the covers, but the cord is not visible, as it was removed for scanning.  As usual, the pages containing the cameras and lenses have been scanned.  Also scanned is a two page description of the Graflex Focal Plane Shutter (page 78-79) and the R.O.C. Enlarging Back (page 92).  The enlarging back is a box that installs on the back of a view camera in place of its removable back.  The other side of the back has another removable back that is one size larger than the original back of the camera.  Despite the R.O.C. part of its name, the Rochester Optical Company appears to have never made such a back prior to being purchased by Eastman Kodak.  Indeed, the back is identical in design, if not detail, to the Blair Camera Co. Patent Extension, c.1884-1898.   

pages 62-77 not scanned

pages 80-91 not scanned

pages 94-175 not scanned