Catalog of Cameras, Photographic Apparatus and Supplies, Catalog No. 121, Chicago Photo Supply House (Chicago, IL), undated c. 1926, ~10"x8", 72pp

This newspaper-like catalog is undated.  It contains many engravings that appear to date from the early 1900's, but these must merely represent products that have not changed, since a testimonial letter on page 3 is dated January 16, 1925.  Page 2 refers to another catalog, K-1, that contains the full line of Korona view cameras.  Page 5 contains what appears to be common practice in the Chicago area: Seneca view cameras marketed as Ingento or Rexo.  Since Burke & James was the largest supply house in Chicago and appears to have coined those brands, it is possible that the small supply houses, as this one, would purchase from Burke & James, who, in turn, would purchase from Seneca.  The catalog has a smattering of amateur cameras on pages 60-61, and the only lenses are the supplemental ones on pages 66-67; a few shutters appear on pages 6-7.  This house is oddly much richer in references for view cameras than ones for lenses or shutters.

pages 08-59 not scanned

pages 62-65 not scanned

pages 68-71 not scanned