Catalog of Eastman Professional Photographic Apparatus and Materials, Eastman Kodak Co. (Rochester, NY), dated "1932-1933", ~5"x7", 52pp

For students of etymology, this catalog marks the moment when Kodak discarded the spelling Catalogue.  During the 1930's, Kodak printed catalogs marked with two-year time periods in the titles.  However, apparently the catalogs were printed yearly, with the attendant overlap backwards with the each preceding catalog.  For example this catalog is marked 1932-1933, and the previous catalog was 1931-1932.  The 1932-1933 catalog was decreased to 52 pages from 80 the year before.  This seems to have been accomplished by combining items where possible.  For example, the studio cameras, described separately on separate pages in 1931-2, are now described together, with a single illustration split into three.  Also, the Eastman View 11x14 and Eastman View 2d, formerly described separately, are now combined and the 11x14 camera does not rate an engraving.  This may mean that the differences in hardware between them have been resolved, or it may merely mean that cost has over-ridden information.  Usually, only those pages containing cameras or lenses are scanned, but in this case, pages containing the printing equipment and tripods have also been scanned.

pages 24-52 not scanned