Plate, Film and Paper Catalogs

For each catalog, two facing pages are shown per image.  Catalogs are marked as (complete), meaning all pages were scanned or (the pages scanned).  Each image is about 1mb, so downloads can take considerable time for complete catalogs.  


c.1899 Catalogue of G. Cramer Dry Plate Works, G. Cramer Dry Plate Works (St. Louis, MO), undated c. 1899, ~4½"x5½", 32pp

1903 Price List of Photograph Cards for the Amateur, 1903-1904, A. M. Collins Mfg. Co. (Philadelphia, PA), dated 1903, ~5½"x8", 16pp

1903 Price List of Photographic Card Stock, A. M. Collins Mfg. Co. (Philadelphia, PA), dated 1903, ~6"x9¼", 56pp & insert

c.1908 Kruxo and How to Use It, Kilborn Photo Paper Co. (Cedar Rapids, IA), undated c. 1908, ~4"x5¾", 48pp

c.1909 Artura Result - A Manual, Ninth Edition, Eastman Kodak Co. successor to the Artura Photo Paper Co. (Rochester, NY), undated c. 1909, ~4½"x6", 52pp

c.1909 Defender Products, Defender Photo Supply Co. (Rochester, NY), undated c. 1909, ~5"x7", 32pp

c.1911 Photographic Specialties, A. C. Hayden & Co. (Brockton, MA), undated c. 1911, ~4¼"x5½", 16pp

c.1915 Photographic Facts and Fallacies, Burroughs, Wellcome & Co. (London, England, New York, NY and other branches), undated c. 1915, ~3⅞"x6½", 24pp