Eastman Kodak Co. (Rochester, NY)

Folding Kodak Improved (Satchel Kodak) c.1890

5 x 7

The "Satchel" Kodak set the form for many a hand and stand camera to follow: a leather-covered box, the front from which popped out the lens and bellows, a ground glass back, protected by a hinged door, and space behind to store three two-sided plateholders.  The Kodak had the additional feature of fitting an Eastman-Walker Roll Film Holder (see photo a), which allowed up to 100 photographs to be taken before reloading.  This example has the Asbury Barker Frictionless Shutter, which, because of intermittent problems, was sold on relatively few cameras; most Satchels have a Bausch & Lomb Iris Diaphragm Shutter, which was patented in 1891.

The Kodak Manual for the No. 5 Folding Kodak has been scanned and posted.


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