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Cycle Poco Copying Camera

Rochester Camera & Supply Catalog, 1899, p. 32

8 x 10

Date Introduced: - ; Years Manufactured: c. 1898-1899
Construction: rear focus via push-pull, no swing, back does not come off & non-reversing, unique front of camera slides to the side to remove, has bellows hooks on front standard
Materials: cherry wood throughout, brass hardware, black leatherette bellows
Sizes Offered: 6x8, 8x10
Notes: There are two sections to the bed, both hinged to fold up compactly despite the length of the bellows draw.  This is a camera with a split personality, advertised to be used either for copying, as shown in the engraving, or for taking, as the camera in the photographs.  There is no lens board, but the entire front slides off to one side.  To use as a copy camera, the lens board is removed; the brass clips on both sides of the front standard can be loosened and swiveled 90 degrees to clamp a Cycle Poco to the front, as the engraving illustrates; in this configuration, the above camera is essentially a bellows extension for the Cycle Poco, which can then be used for close focusing, such as copy work.

Photographic Apparatus, Rochester Camera Co. (Rochester, NY), 1898, p. 34
Photographic Apparatus, Rochester Camera & Supply Co. (Rochester, NY), 1899, p. 32

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