Unknown Field Camera 5

4.25 x 6.5
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Date Introduced: - ; Years Manufactured: c. 1890
Construction: back focus via push-pull; single swing; reversing by two tripod mounts
Materials: cherry? body; cherry base; black fabric bellows; nickeled brass hardware
Sizes Offered: 4.25x6.5 (illustrated);
Notes: This camera looks like a production camera, with box-dovetailed corners and consistent hardware.  In fact, the hardware is similar to that used on Rochester Optical Co. cameras, except for the huge side pieces.  The spring back is  similar to that used by E. & H.T. Anthony in the 1890's.  The swing knob and rod is missing.  There is a thin mahogany front added to the less figured body.  This camera also has an upside-down lens board arrangement that would make the lens board trickier to fit.

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