Unknown Field Camera 8

8 x 10
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Date Introduced: - ; Years Manufactured: c. 1890
Construction: front focus via push-pull, no gears and friction hold only, single swing; reversing by removable body
Materials: mahogany body, hardwood base, black fabric; brass hardware
Sizes Offered: 8x10 (illustrated);
Notes: This camera, although apparently manufactured, is a rip-off of the E.&H.T. Anthony Novel and Novellette design, in which the entire back of the camera is removed and the bellows rotates.  In this case, however, the front must also be removed (by unscrewing the two rising front thumbscrews).  The front, therefore, is symmetrical and square, in order to work either way.  The photos above illustrate the vertical format configuration, which leaves the lens board hardware to the sides rather than top and bottom.  The front standard can swing somewhat, due to play in the thin brass fixtures that hold it, a feature that may not have been intended. It came with a Blair holder, and the round lens board retaining hardware is reminiscent of darkslide retaining hardware on the holder, but it is probably not a Blair product.

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