Jacob Ayhart Pierce Family
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046 Willis Champion Pierce and Willis Conway Pierce August 7, 1896

This photo is placed here because it has been the one piece of data that has allowed the identification of photos of the Jacob Ayhart Pierce family.  On it's back is written: "Aunt Cora" Aug 7 1896 Compliments of Willis Conway.  This is a carte de visite size photo.  The Willis Conway referred to is Willis Conway Pierce, b. 2 Dec 1895, consistent with a baby who can sit up the next August.  The adult is therefore Willis Champion Pierce, Willis Conway's father.  Willis Champion appears in many other photos in the collection, usually with his family (although see below).










Jacob Ayhart Pierce (Photos) b: 16 Dec 1842 in Jefferson, TN d: 14 Aug 1930 in Crittenden, KY
     +Elvira Oliver (Photo) b: 28 Dec 1845 in Trigg Co., KY m: 08 Nov 1863 in Crittenden, KY d: 15 Jan 1929 in Crittenden, KY (Pinckneyville, Livingston Co., KY Cem)


1.  Willis Champion Pierce (Photos) b: Oct 1864 in Crittenden Co., KY d: 21 May 1941 in Boyd Co., KY
     +Jennie Dorothy Peay b: Oct 1869 m: 10 Jul 1893 in Ashland, Logan Co. KY d: 14 Jul 1946 in Boyd Co., KY

2.  Henry Walter Pierce b: Feb 1866 in Crittenden Co., KY d: 17 Dec 1943 in Christian Co, KY, residence: Livingston Co., KY
     +Georgia Anna Farris b: Feb 1867 in KY m: 03 Apr 1889 in Crittenden Co., KY d: 01 Feb 1934 in Livingston Co., KY

3.  John Stanton Pierce b: May 1869 in Crittenden Co., KY d: Aft. 1920
     +Rosa C. Duley b: Abt. 1872

4.  Wirt Ahart Pierce b: 10 Feb 1871 in Crittenden, KY d: 13 Apr 1956 in Los Angeles, CA
     +Rosa Lucille Farris b: Jul 1876 m: 09 Nov 1897 in Crittenden, KY d: 25 Nov 1929 in Livingston Co., KY

5.  Joseph Oscar Pierce b: Abt. 1873 in Crittenden Co., KY d: 24 Dec 1950 in Livingston Co., KY

6.  Richard Miles Pierce b: 08 Apr 1874 in Crittenden Co., KY
     +Jesse Davis b: Mar 1876 in KY m: 03 Oct 1897 in Crittenden Co., KY

7.  Laura A. Pierce b: 16 Dec 1875 in Crittenden Co., KY d: 21 Nov 1878 in Crittenden Co., KY

8.  Jacob Marion Pierce b: Dec 1878 in Crittenden Co., KY
+Sallie B. b: Abt. 1882 in KY m: Abt. 1903 in Livingston Co., KY d: 04 Apr 1939 in Livingston Co., KY

9.  James B. Pierce (Photos) b: May 1881 in Crittenden Co., KY
+Hattie C. Donakey (Photo) b: Jul 1881 in KY m: Abt. 1904 in KY

074 (Warning: Filename and Caption corrected 15 Mar 2015)  c.1894.  Standing in back, right to left: Willis Champion Pierce (1864-1941), his wife (married 1893), Jennie Peay (1869-1946), Jacob Marion Pierce (1878-1968).  Seated, right to left: Jacob Ayhart Pierce (1842-1930), his wife Elvira (Oliver) Pierce (1845-1929), and his mother, Mary (Bettis) Pierce (1825-1902).  James Boyce Pierce (1881-1954) is on the grass. 

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