How to Make Pictures, 4th edition, Henry Clay Price, Scovill Mfg. Co., publisher (New York, NY), dated 1887, copyright 1886, ~5"x9", 104pp & 40pp catalog

This catalog marked the re-appearance of the name Ne Plus Ultra, as, after one-two year absence in catalogs, the Ne Plus Ultra (no letters) was advertised in the midst of the Favorite outfits.  The first appearance was also marked of the Pocket Bicycle Camera, which replaced the Ne Plus Ultra Bicycle Camera.  It also marked the first appearance of the Eastman-Walker Roll Holder (Variation 3), which had already been improved by the addition of a photograph tally gear by the time Scovill could get it into the catalog.

Cameras that were in 1886 catalogs, but not here include: the New York Dry Plate Outfit No. 601-603, the Ne Plus Ultra Bicycle Camera mentioned above, and the Kilburn Gun Camera.

Though the camera known previous as The 76, placed into outfits called American Optical's Dry Plate Outfits 201-204, it is here called The Centennial Outfit.