New Illustrated Catalogue of Amateur Photographic Equipments, Schultze Photo Equipment Co. (New York, NY), 1890, ~5"x6"

This catalog is identical, except for being " wider, to the 1892 Schultze catalog of the same name.  The Schultze Photo Equipment Co. presents a varied hodge-podge of camera types.  Some designs appear to be their own exclusively, such as the Improved Champion, and what I have called the Schultze Early View.  Others appear to have been made by E. & H.T. Anthony and re-sold by Schultze, such as the example called the Schultze NPA.  In the catalog below, there is an engraving on page 4 that appears to be an Scovill Mfg. Co. Waterbury Variation 1.  Additionally, the engraving of the lady photographer on page 6 is a poorly rendered re-engraving of a common Scovill engraving, and example of which is in Scovill's 1886 catalog page 10.  And the engravings below on page 18 depicting the "old style" and "new style" equipment are, again, a poor copy of the common Scovill engraving shown in Scovill's 1886 catalog page 9.  These would all indicate that Schultze re-sold Scovill products c. 1890-1892.

Loose sheets folded into catalog: