Premo Cameras, Rochester Optical Co., (Rochester, NY), undated but 1904 (see below), ~5"x8", 52pp

This catalog is undated, but it has on page 34 a page having a mixed advertisement of The Carlton/The Universal.  This is the same combination as in the dated 1903 Premo Cameras catalog page 28.  In the 1902 catalog page 41 and page 43, those models are offered separately, as they had been since their inception.  In the dated 1905 Premo Cameras catalog,  both models have been dropped, and do not appear in later catalogs.  Therefore, this undated catalog can be concluded to be prior to 1905, yet not 1903, 1902, 1901, 1900, 1899 or earlier (all catalogs of which are dated and reproduced here), and yet near 1903.  By process of elimination, it is c. 1904, and if Rochester Optical Co. only produced one catalog a year, and it certainly seems that they did, then this catalog is the 1904 catalog.