Cameras & Photographic Supplies, Sears, Roebuck & Co. (Chicago, IL), undated c. 1908, ~8"x11", 48pp

This catalog is undated, but has a designation "159L - 3rd Edition", which would date it if we only knew what that meant.  It has a reference (page 260) to "1908 models", and another (page 262) to "new models for 1909".  Considering that there are at least two other catalogs extant from 1909 (including one scanned here), it may be that this catalog dates to the later part of 1908, and it is called c.1908 here to distinguish it better from the 1909 catalog.  The pages contained have been assembled using the page numbers from the main catalog; the pages are 252-297 (photographic equipment & materials, magic lanterns, stereocards, fireless cookers, picture frames, spectacles, binoculars, telescopes, surveying, talking machines), 302-303 (record cylinders), and 104 (silver plated articles).

pages 276-297 and 302-303 not scanned