Eastman Kodak Co.

Camera 33

EKC professional catalog, 1934-1935, p.13


Date Introduced: prob. 1933 ; Years Manufactured: 1933-1934; not in the 1935-1936 catalog
Construction: back focus via rack and pinion (two gear tracks on top of base rails); double swing; reversing by removable back; three-piece lens board
Materials: walnut-stained white wood bodyand base; brass hardware (satin finish)
Sizes Offered: 5x7
Notes: As camera having side hardware reminiscent of the Rochester View Variation 4 (also a product of EKC at the end of its run), this back focus camera is the Camera 33 in the 1934-1935 catalog, the only catalog in which it appears.  The Model 33A is the front focus version, for which the first catalog is the 1935-1936.  Dare we think that it is named for the year it was introduced?

Catalog of Eastman Professional Photographic Apparatus and Materials, Eastman Kodak Co. (Rochester, NY), 1934-1935, p. 13

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