The Eastman Dry Plate & Film Co.


Genesee View


5 x 8; this example is as Eastman made it, including the Eastman ground glass frame that hinges down, and the tongue and groove-type of connection between the back of the camera and the plate holder.

Plate holder mostly inserted into the back of the camera.

Plate holder completely inserted and dark slide out - ready for exposure.

Plate holder with switch to the left (arrow) for loading of plate.

Plate holder with switch to the right (black arrow) which has extended the prong (white arrow) that retains the plate.

Label on front standard: "Made by The Eastman Dry Plate & Film Co., Rochester, NY".
Note that the screw slots on the lens board retaining strip are aligned, like other top class cameras of other makers.

Stamp, serial number 680 on the back end of the platform.

Nifty one-piece spring-loaded catch for the ground glass frame.  The ground glass frame has an inlet wear plate at the point of contact.

A board was included in the outfit to reverse the camera to vertical format.  The two prongs visible on the board (upper photo) insert into holes in the front standard (lower photo).
Upper photo: reversing board ready to be installed.

Lower photo: reversing board, installed.

Drop Shutter that came with the camera.
Front of shutter.

Back of shutter.


Date Introduced: - ; Years Manufactured: c.1885-1887
Construction: rear focus via rack and pinion (one gear tracks on top of middle base rail); single swing; reversing by means of a reversing board (see above)
Materials: mahogany body; cherry base; black fabric bellows; brass hardware
Sizes Offered: View 5x7, 5x8
Notes: In addition to the Interchangeable View (well advertised and featured in catalogs), Eastman produced two cameras apparently only known from production records: the Eureka View and the Genesee View.  It is not known what these models looked like, but the Genesee was only made in small sizes, whereas the Eureka was made in sizes up to 18x22.  The above style is more suited to small cameras, so is identified here as the Genesee.  A 5x8 example is shown above and the 5x7 below (which has an altered back).  The Genesee has a unique brace to be used when the camera is in vertical format.  It consists of a slab of cherry wood, one end of which has posts that fit into two holes in the left side front standard.  The other end of the slab floats under the back standard to permit focusing.  This accessory is shown uninstalled in the first photo above, and installed in the last photo above.

Eastman Kodak typed production record, 1921 copy
Note: The Eastman Dry Plate and Film Co. catalog, Photographic Materials and Apparatus, Jan., 1888, only contains the Interchangeable View.  The Eureka and Genesee are apparently not advertised in any catalogs, and must have been discontinued early.

5 x 7; the back has been neatly (professionally?) altered to take a different plate holder.




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