A. Semmendinger (see http://semmendinger-camera.com/)

Excelsior View Camera, Variation 1

Below, Richard Walsl Catalog, 1882, p. 46


Date Introduced: - ; Years Manufactured:  c. 1880
Construction: rear focus
Sizes Offered: 6x8 to 1-4; 8x10; 10x12; 11x14; 14x17; 17x20; 5x8 Stereoscopic
Notes: Apparently all Semmendinger Cameras, no matter what design, are called The Excelsior.  This one, having cone bellows, is referred to here as Excelsior Variation 1, and appears to be the most common Semmendinger design, containing a small chamber below the lens board and cone bellows, as shown in the engraving above.  Another type, without the chamber, is referred to as Excelsior Variation 2.

The Photographer's Friend, Richard Walsl (Baltimore, MD), 7th edition, 1882, p. 46 (as Extra Quality View Cameras)

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