American Camera Co. (Rochester, NY)

Cycle-type camera - c. 1900

4 x 5



The American Camera Co. of Northborough, MA was one company of many that was formed and left in the wake of the Byzantine career of Thomas Blair.  By 1898, the majority stock owner was George Eastman, when Blair sold the remainder to Eastman, who moved the company to Rochester, NY.  Eastman continued to manufacture cameras using the American Camera Co., Rochester, NY label.  The case in which this camera came has a purple patina that seems to be peculiar to some Eastman products; compare it to the exterior of the Improved Folding (Satchel) Kodak.

The American Camera Co. was founded prior to 1898, as the ad below shows, although this specific camera is not advertised there.  Their products were apparently sold through E. & H.T. Anthony & Co.

American Annual of Photography and Photographic Times Almanac for 1898, The Scovill & Adams Co. (New York, NY), ads p. 34



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