The Photographic Amateur 2nd edition, J. Traill Taylor, Scovill Mfg. Co., publisher (New York, NY), copyright 1883, but actually about 1885 ~5"x9", 104pp & 30pp advertising (complete)

This is a basic "how to" book of photography for the amateur enthusiast of 1883.  As such, it was the first in what would eventually be a series of over 50 titles of photographic books called The Scovill Photographic Series.  Many of the books in the series later than about 1886 were hardcover; the ones older than then appear to have been paper wraps, such as this one.

Numbers in Scovill's Photographic Series scanned here include:
No. 1      The Photographic Amateur
No. 12    Photographic Chemistry
No. 20    Dry Plate Making for Amateurs
No. 22    Photographic Printing Methods
No. 25    The Photographic Negative
No. 26    The Photographic Instructor
No. 32    Practical Photo-Micrography

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