Scovill's Photographic Series No. 22, Photographic Printing Methods, A Practical Guide to the Professional and Amateur Worker, Rev. W. H. Burbank, Scovill Mfg. Co. (New York, NY), copyright 1887, ~6"x9", 221pp & 21pp ads

Starting in 1883, Scovill Mfg. Co. published a Scovill's Photographic Series, a series of books covering the theory and technique of photography, this being the 22nd such book.  A list of the others in the series is given in the ads page 15.  Below are scans of the covers, titles, table of contents, index and advertisements contained in this volume; the book itself was not scanned.

Numbers in Scovill's Photographic Series scanned here include:
    No. 1      The Photographic Amateur
    No. 12    Photographic Chemistry
    No. 20    Dry Plate Making for Amateurs
    No. 22    Photographic Printing Methods
    No. 25    The Photographic Negative
    No. 26    The Photographic Instructor
    No. 32    Practical Photo-Micrography

pages 12-215 not scanned