Scovill's Photo. Series No. 20, Dry Plate Making for Amateurs, George L. Sinclair, Scovill Mfg. Co. (New York, NY), dated 1886, ~5"x8", 28pp & 30pp catalog

According to its title page, this small volume is a reprint of several articles that appeared in The Photographic Times, a periodical published monthly by Scovill Mfg. Co.  The 30-page catalog that appears at the end also appears at the end of every other volume of Scovill's Photographic Series.  There are staple holes near the center binding; apparently the book was originally softbound, then professionally rebound with these stiff cardboard ends with the wonderfully saturated color.  The Scovill-bound No. 12 is 5x8", so it appears that " was trimmed during the binding process.

Dry Plate Making for Amateurs .pdf version

Numbers in Scovill's Photographic Series scanned here include:
    No. 1      The Photographic Amateur
    No. 12    Photographic Chemistry
    No. 20    Dry Plate Making for Amateurs
    No. 22    Photographic Printing Methods
    No. 25    The Photographic Negative
    No. 26    The Photographic Instructor
    No. 32    Practical Photo-Micrography