How to Make Photographs and Descriptive Price List, The Scovill & Adams & Co. (New York, NY), dated March 1890, ~6"x9", 140pp (with order blank)

.pdf version

     This catalog was printed at a time of change at The Scovill & Adams Co.  The company itself was only one year old, derived from the Scovill Mfg. Co.  Also, the amateur photographic equipment and supply business itself was rapidly changing from a large number of patents granted around that time.  Emulsion speeds had become fast enough to require the use of shutters, and the plate camera business was beginning to be affected by self-contained cameras such as the Kodak.  Around this time, it would seem that the catalog had to be changed every time it was printed - this catalog is identical with neither the March 1889 nor the June 1890 catalogs.

     Between the March 1889 and this March 1890 catalog, the relatively popular St. Louis View was replaced with the American Optical Star View Camera.  Introduced were: the Elite View Outfit, the Irving View Camera, and the Wonder Equipment.  Discontinued was: the New York Dry Plate Outfit.