Number 30 Illustrated Catalogue of Photographic Outfits, Lenses and Supplies, Robey-French Co. (Boston, MA), undated . 1915, ~7"x10", 152pp

This is a catalog of professional equipment manufactured by Eastman Kodak.  It is undated, but the lenses and cameras are with few exceptions identical to those offered in the c. 1911 Eastman professional catalog elsewhere.  One exception is the addition here of the Speed Graphic, which was introduced in 1912.  Among the film offered, No. 126 is present but not No. 127.  One would think that since 127 was introduced in 1912 that the catalog would be right about 1912.  However, page 57 shows the 1915 model of the Graflex Roll Holder.  Obviously, the catalog is at the earliest 1915, and from the non-inclusion of the 1912 film, it is probably from no later than 1915.  This is one of the few catalogs, including those from Eastman Kodak itself, to contain a range of home portrait cameras (Eastman Home Portrait Outfit, F&S Home Portrait Camera No. 1 and F&S Home Portrait Outfit No. 2), as well as all three Eastman Views (Eastman View Camera No. 1, Eastman View Camera No. 2 and Eastman View Camera [no number] 11x14

pages 58-151 not scanned