Scovill Mfg. Co.
American Optical Company

Compact View, Variation 2 or Irving, Variation 2


5 x 8
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aocompact6x8e176.jpg (21099 bytes)


Manufacturer: American Optical Co. New York, NY factory
Date Introduced:
- ; Years Manufactured: c.1895
Construction: bed moves through base to focus via rack and pinion (gears internal to base); single swing; reversing by removable back; three-piece lens board
Materials: mahogany body; mahogany base; red leather bellows; brass hardware
Sizes Offered: at least x8½ and 11x14
Notes: This is an English compact-style camera, marked as to maker by a celluloid tag on top.  The workmanship is very fine - the celluloid tag on the top is inlet rather than pinned on.  This camera configuration is about halfway between the Compact View and the Irving.  It may be its own model, except that ads or catalog illustrations of this camera have not been found yet.  An unmarked 11x14 version having identical construction to the camera above was sold on eBay in 2002, though, so it is not unique.




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