Century Camera Co., Rochester, NY

The Century View Variation 2

Century Catalog 1902, p. 51


Date Introduced: - ; Years Manufactured: c.1902 - c.1903
Construction: front and rear focus via rack and pinion (two gear tracks on top of base rails); double swing; reversing by removable back; three-piece lens board
Materials: mahogany wood body; cherry base; black fabric bellows; brass hardware
Sizes Offered: at least 5x7 (photos above) and 6x8
Notes: The Century Camera Co. was founded in 1900 - hence the name.  George Eastman acquired a controlling interest in the company in 1904, and it became the Century Camera Div., EKC in 1907.  The Century View may have been the precursor of, but was also produced concurrently with, the Century View Camera No. 1 and Century View Camera No. 2 Views.  To tell apart cameras made in Rochester after 1900 (the Century Camera Companies View No. 1 and View No. 2, Rochester Optical Co. Empire State and Improved Empire State, and the Eastman Kodak Co. cameras based on these), one must revel in minutiae.  The camera above, a 5x7 size, has a label on front the says, simply, "Century".   The double grooved bed shown above was patented on July 15, 1902.  This camera has a nifty little spring-loaded clip to keep the rear standard from going too far back if the rear extension is missing, as above.
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