James Perry Pierce Family
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Album 4, Pt. 1 0059 Left to Right: James Perry Pierce, son Ira, daughter Florence, and probably step-daughter Berna, apparently mourning the person in the photo on the easel c. 1900. Berna wears an inappropriate white dress for a funeral, though, so maybe it is at the 1898 wedding of James and Ella Cox.

James Perry Pierce (Photos) b: 16 Dec 1841 in Dandridge, Jefferson, TN d: 17 Jan 1916 in Marion, Crittenden, KY
     +Emeline F. Rolston (Photos) b: 06 Jan 1840 in Trigg, KY m: 08 Nov 1860 in Marion, Crittenden, KY d: 21 Jul 1895 in Marion, Crittenden, KY


1.  Florence E. Pierce (Photos & Gwaltney/Yandell Family) b: 10 Nov 1861 in Crittenden, KY d: 11 Dec 1938 in Crittenden, KY
     +William Bennett Yandell b: 14 Apr 1857 in Crittenden Co., Kentucky m: 28 Jan 1885 in Marion, Crittenden, KY d: Abt. 1930

2.  Cortis Jackson Pierce (Photos) b: 01 Feb 1864 in Crittenden, KY d: 17 Feb 1924 in Crittenden, KY
     +Laura Miles b: Abt. 1876 in KY m: Aft. 1910 d: Bef. 1930

3.  Ambie B. Pierce (Photos) b: Abt. 1867 in Crittenden, KY d: 27 May 1888 in Crittenden, KY

4.  Cora A. Pierce (Photos) b: 04 May 1869 in Crittenden, KY d: 31 Aug 1915 in Crittenden, KY
     +George M. Crider b: 25 Jul 1861 in Iowa m: Bet. 1890 - 1899 in Crittenden Co., KY d: 05 Apr 1917 in Crittenden, KY

5.   Norval Lee Pierce (Photos) b: 31 Dec 1871 in Marion, Crittenden, KY d: 08 May 1951 in Natchitoches, Natchitoches, LA
     +Margaret Ramey Bond b: 14 Dec 1874 in Ghent, Carroll, KY m: 24 Oct 1912 in Marseilles, LaSalle, IL, USA d: 18 Feb 1970 in Natchitoches, Natchitoches, LA

6.   Ira Tilden Pierce (Photos) b: 18 Nov 1876 in Crittenden, KY d: 16 Feb 1924 in Crittenden, KY

7.  George Collin Pierce (Photos) b: 14 Jan 1877 in Crittenden, KY d: Oct 1955 in MO
     +Lucy Ruth Boaz b: Mar 1880 in KY m: 24 Mar 1897 in Crittenden Co., KY

     *2nd Wife of George Collin Pierce:
     +Lucy Ruth (Photos) b: Abt. 1885 in KY m: Abt. 1906

*2nd Wife of James Perry Pierce:
     +Ella J. Cox (Photos) b: Abt. 1861 in Hopkins Co., KY m: Abt. 1898 in Crittenden Co., KY d: 10 Jul 1928 in Crittenden Co., KY

child of James Perry Pierce and Ella J. Cox:
 Miriam E. Pierce (Photos) b: 16 Dec 1898 in Crittenden, KY d: 11 Oct 1987 in Rochester, Olmsted, Minnesota
     +William Harold Dobyns b: 15 Oct 1902 in Fleming Co., KY m: in Marion, Crittenden Co., KY d: 17 Jan 1933 in Mt Carmel, Fleming County, KY

*1st Husband of Ella J. Cox:
     +John F. Langley (Photo) b: Abt 1861 in Webster Co., KY, m: 27 Jun 1883 in Hopkins Co., KY

child of John F. Langley and Ella J. Cox (and step-daughter of James Perry Pierce):
1.  Berna L. Langley (Photos) b. May 1885 in Hopkins Co., KY
     +John W. Flynn b. Abt 1879 m: Abt 1905.


001 (Warning: Filename and Caption corrected 15 Mar 2015) L to R: John W. Flynn, Berna (Langley) Flynn, prob. Mary (Bettis) Pierce (James' mother), Cora (Pierce) Crider and George M. Crider, James Perry Pierce (reading). c. 1905


In 1900, two servants are listed in the census of the James Perry Pierce household, Ora? Pickens (35 y.o.) and Teddie Pickens (6 y.o.).  Their photos were kept along with the family photos.


151 prob. Ora? Pickens, c.1900






















164 (left); 152 (right) prob. Teddie Pickens, c.1897 (left) and c.1900 (right)
















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